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I just watched the movie for the first time and it surpassed my expectations by far. I was expecting a good story because it is based on a true story, but being an independent film I thought the acting and feel of the movie would be less than desirable. The complete opposite is true however, the movie was incredibly well done and I applaud everyone involved with the making of this film. When I watch a movie, I usually feel nothing towards the characters and I just get entertainment from snazzy special effects and things of that sort. I was surprised when I actually started to feel for the characters in the movie, I think the acting was truly great. I was thoroughly impressed and I will definitely be telling people about this movie.
Justin Schrading -

From what I saw on the website, I thought I had this movie figured out.
I was sooooo wrong. Funny, gripping, and thoroughly entertaining.

John Kelling -

OMG - I just knew this movie would trash Christians, but it didn't. As a true believer, I was totally entertained. Lots of twists and turns. Very well done.
Becky Redding -

I dont know what kind of sick, sadistic, satanic, idol worshipping people you are. But i do know a thing or two myself about religion and I know that that movie you have created is an abomination and that you are all going to Hell. I'm sorry. If you want more info on how to repent from your sins and recieve the forgiveness which is in the name of the lord jesus christ, then email me back. and i will show you what we are talking about. PS I have never seen such a sick movie, and you have cursed the name of the almighty God.
Timothy Upchurch -

Your film is bent on denigrating the "Religious Right" using the most outlandish characterizations and undergirded by basic, down-and-dirty anti-Christian bigotry. As the video store owners have the right to rent anything not deemed obscene by the decisions of the Supremes (though many get away with renting outright porn because it's costly for small groups to mount a legal case), so do the protesters have the right to say their piece, demonstrate, engage in civil disobedience (as did the Freedom Riders), and use any legal means at their disposal to try to gain sensitivity to their religious beliefs. Apparently, these days, it's un-PC to discriminate against anyone... except Christians.
David H. Millson -

Something tells me Mr. Millson hasn't seen our movie - Darlene

BRAVO! My feeling about my first screening was that, in the first half of the film, that this would make a great Lifetime movie. At the point Mike and Diane fight in her parents home the movie takes on a whole new look, feel, and quality . . . now it is a movie worthy of theatres. My second screening of the movie was with someone I consider a very tough critic. She is not one to suffer maudlin or sappy movies lightly and while I might get weepy at a good sob story, she will generally pooh-pooh such sentimentality. She really liked the movie and was engrossed, frightened, and exhilarated during the screening. If you can get her, you can get a wide audience. I found the second screening more enjoyable and informative than my first.
Michael Shelby -

This movie easily surpassed my expectations. The actors do a very good job with their roles. The story itself is very well-told. The dialogue is well-written and believable, and the movie moves the story along at a quick pace. Overall, I'd recommend this movie to people interested in the story, and to those who want to give Hollywood the message that there IS a market for this kind of a movie, and that there is money to be made. I enjoyed watching it a great deal and will likely rewatch it now and again because it really IS a well-done, well-told story.
Kriselda Jarnsaxa -

I have to say this film would make a terrific Lifetime movie. It has "real life" actors and authentic, small-town friendliness in every scene. As a former "born again" Christian from small-town Indiana, I recalled the same fear and claustrophobia during the "Citizens for Decency" scenes that I had felt in the 1980s as a bored housewife involved with the zealots of the Assemblies of God church in South Bend. I especially like the ending because it shows a positive revenge. It does not alienate true, loving followers of the Christian faith; only those who, like the suicide bombers of Islam, express their faith in absurd, hateful and destructive activity. Any criticism of the message of this movie clearly indicates support of the destructive presence of religious terrorism today.
Teri Smith -

This was one very intense movie with a surprising twist. It was MUCH better than I originally anticipated.
Sonya Mitchell -

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